Social Media Purge

How would you feel without Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter for three days? I bet most of you would feel lost, as though time is is taking forever to pass by. At first I thought it was going to be like this, but for three days I have learnt to face the challenges of being without social media.

As a constant chatter, I thought it was going to be impossible at first but those three days quickly passed by. I did not take this simply as a school assignment called “Social Media Purge” but as a personal challenge. There are many assumptions floating around that teenagers are unable to keep off social media but try being a busy second year university student with work piled high, you may at times forget about posting on Instagram or checking your friends statuses on Facebook. The amount of work that I got done during only three days shocked me. Without the distractions of constantly checking my phone or my laptop I was able to finish the majority of my assignments while having extra time to go for an evening stroll or spend quality time with my little cousin.

I must admit at times I was very tempted and that the experience was challenging especially just laying on my bed wondering what new is happening. It was as though I was back in times. For just three days I have learnt to appreciate the value of being around family and friends. It made me realize how disrespected I felt when someone would put my conversation on hold to reply to a message on Facebook or some other social network. It made me questioned that if I felt this way other people could be feeling the same when I do it. -Yes its true, I have a tendency of doing this a lot. The misery of not knowing what new picture was posted or who is messaging me on facebook slowly faded as I grew accustom to being without it. As for now, I am back to social media but this “purge” has helped me realize that I can live without my Facebook and Instagram. It has made me re-discover the things that I enjoyed doing before and I must admit that my social media usage has declined. This little example has shown me how productive I can be and I am seriously considering a longer “Social Media Purge.”


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