T&T- My Island Paradise.

Ribbet collage

Many of you may be wondering why did I choose this as my topic but if you have ever visited Trinidad and Tobago you would most definitely understand why.

My main reason for choosing this topic is mostly because I have never traveled outside of this twin island. I have always wondered what life abroad would be like. The enthusiasm to travel to different places, explore different cultures, and meet new people have most certainly encouraged me to learn about my own country first. I believe that by having an appreciation for my country I would be more open-minded when travelling.

Another reason is that my family is constantly exploring the natural wonders of Trinidad and Tobago. We love visiting places in Trinidad that we have never been to before. My aunt always says that it is a good way for the younger generation to learn about the country and I agree. Trinidad and Tobago has not only the most beautiful beaches but also waterfalls, reefs and ranges. The people are beyond friendly and the food is delicious. The most important season here is definitely Carnival but I have already reserve a special post just for this topic. Have you ever heard the saying, “God is a Trini”? Trinidad and Tobago has been spared the impacts of hurricanes, floodings and serious earthquakes that Trinbagonians, myself included, belief that “God is a Trini.”

My blog will help me to showcase my journeys around Trinidad and Tobago. Exploring my beautiful twin island and discovering new and exciting things. This is where I was born and raised and I am most excited to showcase the natural beauties of my country to you while at the same time gaining knowledge through research and participation in various activities. I do hope that my blog can be a form of motivation for those who inspire to travel to Trinidad and Tobago or even those who want to learn more about their country. Trinidad and Tobago is definitely a paradise, hence the name,  “T&T- My Island Paradise.”






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