Toco Trinidad

One of my dearest childhood memories is visiting the fishing village of Toco with my father. My father, who enjoys fishing, would go here almost three times a week and would always carry my mother and I with him on his little adventure. Trust me, coming from Rio Claro to Toco is not an easy drive. It takes us approximately three to four hours leaving the southeastern part of Trinidad to arrive to Toco which is located on the northeastern end. It is not as populated as other parts of the island namely Maracas and Las Cuevas but it contains the most scenic landscape ever.

When visiting Toco going to the lighthouse is a must. It was announced that the lighthouse would be renamed to the Keshorn Walcott Lighthouse in honor of him since he was able to capture a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics. Since he is from this rural community and was the first person to capture the gold medal in the field of javelin I found it fit that the lighthouse be renamed after him However, upon my visit I noticed that the sign still says the Galera Point (Toco) Lighthouse three years after.

At the lighthouse, you can stand on the rocks and view the ocean. At nights you can even see the lights of our sister isle Tobago as Toco is the closest point to the island.  This is not the only view. There are a number of other “look out” points on the way to Toco. There is also the dangerous “Headless Beach.” The water here always looks rough. I even heard myths from my dad and his friends that anyone who dears to bathe here will drown and their body will surface headless, hence the name. Somehow I do not believe this is the proper name for the beach. Maybe my dad just trolled me as a kid as my research for the “Headless Beach” turned futile.

At nineteen years old I no longer visit Toco as often. Time is such a major issue now that my family and I don’t always get to do the activities that we once enjoyed. Recently however, we decided to take a drive to Toco. It was like a trip down memory lane. Below I have included some of my pictures so I can share my experience with you.

Just a few of my family members



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