Trini Cuisine 

Trinidad and Tobago is not just about sightseeing. There is so much more behind the sun, sand and the sea. These two little islands are loaded with flavor and packed with taste.

In this blog I will like to highlight the top five foods one must try when visiting this beautiful twin island. Although there are so much more, this is the five that made the cut on my personal list of island cuisine.

Amy’s Must Try Trini Foods:

1) Doubles


What is doubles ? This is curried channa (chickpeas) that is eaten between two baras with a hint of pepper to your liking. Sometimes, it can even be enjoyed with shredded pieces of chicken, beef or even shrimp.   This for me is a weekend special. While awaiting lunch on a Saturday or Sunday morning I normally have two doubles with plenty pepper. Sometimes cucumber, mango or tamberine sauce also gives doubles a unique flavor that many Trini people as well as tourists enjoy.

2) Callaloo


This is made with spinach or “dasheen bush” as our Trinis refer to it. It is mixed with ochro and coconut milk for flavor. Crab or pigtail can be added for extra enjoyment. This is often eaten alongside white rice.


3)Crab and Dumplings

This is a favorite when visiting the sister isle of Tobago. Curry crab and dumplings are mostly available all year round and it is very accessible when at Tobago since most of the food outlets offer this. I must admit it is a heavy dish since the dumplings tend to full you very fast.

Richard's Bake and Shark
Richard’s Bake and Shark

4) Bake and Shark

When visiting Maracas you are most definitely overwhelmed by the amount of vendors there are selling bake and shark. My personal favorite just happens to be Richard’s Bake and Shark. He offers a wide variety of vegetables to add to your sandwich making it even more enjoyable and personalized to your liking. This consists of deeply fried shark eaten inside fried bread or bake.


5) Pelau

This is one of the simpler dishes in Trinidad and Tobago. It consists of rice which takes a brownish color cooked with peas and carrots as well as meat such as chicken, beef or even pork. Trinis enjoy this meal since it is easy to prepare when going on a “lime.”

If you haven’t tried the dishes that I have mentioned above I urge you to. They are undoubtedly a must have when in Trinidad and Tobago. These meals have helped in forming the rich island cuisine that we are known for. Apart from coming to Trinidad and Tobago just to enjoy the beautiful beaches and weather we also have tons of dishes that are guaranteed to savor your taste buds. Don’t be afraid, I promise you’ll like it 🙂


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